Jonathan Haidt: Two Incompatible Values

In this video Jonathan Haidt, the moral psychologist and founder of Heterodox Academy, lays out in great detail the power behind inquiry, investigation, and open-mindedness. This way of approaching reality, knowledge, and truth, Haidt exhorts, is in stark contrast to ideologically fixed and unchangeable truths of modern social justice ideologies. The competing values referred to in the title are: Truth (open inquiry) and Social Justice Ideology (a programmed, restrictive view of seeing and responding to reality in a predetermined way). While this particular talk focuses on the “telos” of institutions of higher education, Haidt has also studied and lectured on the the ways in which Congress and the American public have become polarized in recent years. have led more in-depth discussion about the variables that have impacted the strength of Western democracies can be found in Haidt’s take on “Why America’s Finely-Tuned Democracy is Running Down”. Haidt has recently collaborated with attorney Greg Lukianoff to co-author the critically acclaimed book "The Coddling of the American Mind" where they investigate further Haidt's theory of the “Three Terrible Ideas”.