Are Academics Cowards? The Grip of Grievance Studies and the Sunk Costs of Academic Pursuit

*Submitted by an anonymous contributor

This is an essay that calls us to action to stand up to the incursions of Social Justice Ideology (SJI) on human rights and intellectual integrity. The essay was written by James Lindsay, who was the leader of the recent “Grievance Studies” hoax study.

That study involved nearly a year of submitting hoax academic papers written by Lindsay and two other academics, Helen Pluckrose, and Peter Boghossian to highly influential academic journals that championed the perspective of Social Justice ideology.

It’s important to understand that some of these hoax papers explicitly recommended the commission of Social Justice Abuse upon innocent people who belonged to “privileged” or “oppressor” demographic groups as part of what was termed an “intersectional praxis” in the college classroom. One of the practices included the intentional infliction of frustration in white students during class discussions by not allowing them to speak or by intentionally ignoring them. Another offered practice was to force white students to sit down on the classroom floor with chains so that they can be more aware of their “privilege”.

In this essay, authored by Lindsay puts out a call for action for teachers, academics, writers, and people with a conscience to speak out en masse against the abuses, cruelties and absurdities of those who abuse Social Justice Ideology (SJI) for purposes having little to do with creating a just world that provides opportunity and freedom for all.