Concept Creep: How Americans Became So Sensitive to Harm

Over the past five years, a “new convert” mentality or an almost religious True Believer-ship by followers of Social Justice Ideology (SJI) who invest in models of political reality that purport to know the secret thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of individuals who belong to different population groups.

One of the fall-outs of the totalist mindset that stereotypes groups, is that unscrupulous people who belong to in-favor groups could easily manipulate the framework to dominate others in activist spaces and other environments in which this new caste system has been installed without mindfulness or safeguards against abuse.

Another aggravating factor is what Dr. Nicholas Haslam, a psychologist, has termed “concept creep” back in 2016. According to an Atlantic Magazine article, published in 2016, years of Haslam’s research had revealed a pattern where we have expanded the definitions of what constitutes “harm” so significantly that abuse, bullying, trauma, mental disorder, addiction, prejudice, and other painful human experiences have become so greatly amplified that being regarded as a “perpetrator” has also become almost impossible to avoid in certain environments. Heterodox Academy professor Jonathan Haidt, also investigates how "concept creep" has become increasingly more prevalent within acacdemic institutions in this article.

Once we allow the very essence of the world to be characterized as essentially evil or conspiratorial, we begin to search for it everywhere and spend all of our time rooting it out. It is a dark, dark place indeed.