Benjamin A. Boyce: The Complete Evergreen Story

This is the first video in Benjamin A. Boyce's serial documentary The Complete Evergreen Story. In this series and in his vast collection from the #ExposeEvergreen YouTube series, Boyce captures the disturbing cult-like behaviors and an atmosphere of forced ideological conformity, bullying and mobbing that has been occurring at Evergreen State College since 2015. In this video, he explores a clip showing an Evergreen State College professor introducing students to a mystical world-wide conspiratorial, malevolent force labeled as “white supremacy” that is believed to structure all of reality. Boyce is currently working on an authoritative documentary about the Evergreen State College breakdown that took place in the spring of 2017. For another powerful document of the Evergreen breakdown, we recommend the first installment of a documentary by Mike Nayna. For a breakdown of one of the most influential theories that fueled the mobbing attacks at Evergreen, we recommend this piece on Robin D’Angelo’s White Fragility Theory.